Saturday, August 24, 2013

Painting Scheme record for Relic

The minis in relic come in grey..

So I've added colour. This is just ot keep track of those colours for later touch-ups.

Commissar: Brass Scorpion, Pallid Wych Flesh, Black, Blood Red
Inquisitor: Rakarth Flesh, Gehenna's God, Skull White
UltraMarine: Burnished Gold, Caledor Sky, -chainmail to give the burnished some depth
Soriatas: Daemonette Hide, Runelord Brass, Wash of Balthasar Gold to give depth, Cadian fleshtone +pallid wych for skin
Rogue Trader: Sunburst Yellow, Shining Gold brushed with boltgun metal, all washed with cassandra, Tallarn Flesh
Psyker: Warpstone Green, Dwarf Bronze, Bugman's Glow
Ratling: Steel Legion Drab, Sycorax Bronze, Cadian Flesh tone, hair- khemri brown, all washed in devlan mud
Adeptus Mechanicus: Mechandrite Red, Leadbelcher, carroburg crimson wash
Ogryn: Astronomican Grey, Kislev Flesh as a wash, dry brushed with ice blue/kislev and the white/kislev
Calidus: Black, runefang steel washed with leadbelcher, wild rider red and cassandra yellow

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Painting in the works.

So I painted some stuff so that I would have some nicely painted oppionents, and so I can field Lamenters, Carcharodons and Dark Angels as the mood strikes me. *whack*

And I finally got round to pinning and assembling a Lord of Slaneesh who has been the closet, I mean cupboard forever.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Campaign Structure

Campaign Structure
So a friend of mine suggested an escalating series of battles, something like an escalation campaign. I wasn't particularly a fan of the Dark Vengeance battles. Although they were fun, you could look at them and tell who would win..

What I have in mind is a variant using the "Fall of Orpheus"

These are the elements I want to blend in:
1. The armies fighting have an effect on the battle (Altar of War) rules
2. The landscape or zone they fight in has an effect- planet A, asteroid belt B, planet C (Orpheus)
3. The battles start small and get bigger
4. The opponents have some consistent components in their armies
5. Objectives and storyline have an impact on the terrain and the outcome of the campaign but not on the power levels of a given side
6. There are different battle types- Patrol/Skirmish, Mortalis Fight, Battle, Cityfight, Planetstrike
7. Never play the same battle twice, never play relic(ball)

Not sure how to roll this into one, but I was thinking- one player picks the realm, the other picks the battle type, or something..