Friday, August 2, 2013

Campaign Structure

Campaign Structure
So a friend of mine suggested an escalating series of battles, something like an escalation campaign. I wasn't particularly a fan of the Dark Vengeance battles. Although they were fun, you could look at them and tell who would win..

What I have in mind is a variant using the "Fall of Orpheus"

These are the elements I want to blend in:
1. The armies fighting have an effect on the battle (Altar of War) rules
2. The landscape or zone they fight in has an effect- planet A, asteroid belt B, planet C (Orpheus)
3. The battles start small and get bigger
4. The opponents have some consistent components in their armies
5. Objectives and storyline have an impact on the terrain and the outcome of the campaign but not on the power levels of a given side
6. There are different battle types- Patrol/Skirmish, Mortalis Fight, Battle, Cityfight, Planetstrike
7. Never play the same battle twice, never play relic(ball)

Not sure how to roll this into one, but I was thinking- one player picks the realm, the other picks the battle type, or something..

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