Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tyranid Recipe

I may have finally sorted this

Pick a sort of organic dark colour, like charadon granite (dark)
Pick a not totally white highlight, like pallid wych flesh (light)
Have an alternate like black

Paint the black parts

Dry brush heavily /layer light

Wash black ink on edges that need seperating or defining

Wash a mix of light and dark over the whole area except the black

Brush heavily the light again, with different patterning

Wash in dark only - very watered down

Spray undiluted dark in random spots to create patina and dappling  if required

Lightly touch up with watered down light

Pick out edges in white

Go back and touch up black with watered down black

Make "gleam spots" in white

Coat in thinned black and gloss mix

Add water effect and dark to gooey areas

Do electrical effects if relevant

Sunday, January 20, 2013


All too often I do some paint job and then.. forget what I did when I go back 2 days later.

So paint recipes. With examples.

Crux Terminatus:
Mix Adeptus Battle grey and Scorched brown to get a nice purpleish gey brown base coat.
Wash with black and brown mix
Line and dry brush 2 layers of grey and lighter grey
Touch of deneb stone on the corners

Lamenters: (WIP- may not be yellow enough)
Iyanden darksun (ID)
base coat black on guns, rakarth flesh on parchment, scrolls
watered sepia wash
over coat pallid wych flesh on helmets, wings, checker bases
touch up ID
Mix ID with deneb stone and edge or dry brush
wash pallid wych areas in sepia, then drybrush with white-scar
drybrush black with a dark grey/blue and then add leadbelcher to that brush until the edges of the black are metalic
gems in mehiston red+ orange
seals in khorne read, highlight with evil suns scarlet, wash with carroburg crimson

Great Industry

So after that spurt of great industry I then...
finally got round to starting my exodite eldar...

You know.. these guys...

What do you mean you have no idea what I'm babbling about? but but.. :))

Anyway, a few small purchases and a bit of a test model..

The legs look a bit goofy- I might use the supplied dark eldar ones for most of them. Small scale stirups are looking really hard to pull off well. I think the chair will look suitably majestic // crazy. They are meant to be purist eldar hill-billy princes and princesses, after all.

Happy with the guns
 So that is a counts as stormbolter and force halberd up the top and titansword with stormbolter down the bottom. Because, yes, this is Draigo-Wing. Then need a bit of filing and filling but the shapes and sizes work.

Dark Vengeance painted

The entire boxed set is now painted to tabletop fieldable quality.
Had a couple of games with it, the ones out of the box. Not bad. Chaos got done like a dinner in one mission :)
So I have

Dark angel marines

Raven wing


Chaos chosen

Note, the chaos chosen and pretty badly painted, but I just would not field these guys. Way too expensive. I might use some of them as champions at some point, at which time they will get a repaint to go with the individual squad they lead.

And old models painted to go with them...
More Death-wing 

and more dark angel marines

None of these an army make...

Lots of Progress

1st of all
I have a new paint rack. Awesome laser cut acrylic from back to basics. Mine is in clear red and plain clear.

Very happy with this and couldn't recommend them more.