Sunday, January 20, 2013


All too often I do some paint job and then.. forget what I did when I go back 2 days later.

So paint recipes. With examples.

Crux Terminatus:
Mix Adeptus Battle grey and Scorched brown to get a nice purpleish gey brown base coat.
Wash with black and brown mix
Line and dry brush 2 layers of grey and lighter grey
Touch of deneb stone on the corners

Lamenters: (WIP- may not be yellow enough)
Iyanden darksun (ID)
base coat black on guns, rakarth flesh on parchment, scrolls
watered sepia wash
over coat pallid wych flesh on helmets, wings, checker bases
touch up ID
Mix ID with deneb stone and edge or dry brush
wash pallid wych areas in sepia, then drybrush with white-scar
drybrush black with a dark grey/blue and then add leadbelcher to that brush until the edges of the black are metalic
gems in mehiston red+ orange
seals in khorne read, highlight with evil suns scarlet, wash with carroburg crimson

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