Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tyranid Recipe

I may have finally sorted this

Pick a sort of organic dark colour, like charadon granite (dark)
Pick a not totally white highlight, like pallid wych flesh (light)
Have an alternate like black

Paint the black parts

Dry brush heavily /layer light

Wash black ink on edges that need seperating or defining

Wash a mix of light and dark over the whole area except the black

Brush heavily the light again, with different patterning

Wash in dark only - very watered down

Spray undiluted dark in random spots to create patina and dappling  if required

Lightly touch up with watered down light

Pick out edges in white

Go back and touch up black with watered down black

Make "gleam spots" in white

Coat in thinned black and gloss mix

Add water effect and dark to gooey areas

Do electrical effects if relevant

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