Friday, September 14, 2012


ZOMG Horus Heresy

I tried to pretend I wasn't interested, forge world having made such a dogs breakfast out of their fliers book... but then I watched the video..
you tube Horus Heresy


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back to 40k

So I'm in the new house, haven't got the computers setup completely but I do have a painting area. I bought the 6th edition - dark vengeance box set- let me throw a call off support to "War Puppy" my purveyors of plastic-dudes-men-crack.

I dragged some of the minis out, mostly to practice before working on the exquisite new models and in an effort to get an army ready for Queensland Gamers Guild in October I set to painting.

My army lists
1500 World Eaters

The following are some "before" shots of what I have to play with.
A lot of the work is done, for table-top quality, but some need a fair bit and one squad is just undercoat.

 Kharn, some say a bit h'armless

really dusty and dull

I have always liked the World Eater Legionaire rather than the "ravager" concept. The last squad, which needs the most work , is going to have some conversion done on it. Or I might just get them table ready and start work on some new models. The source or my muse is these pictures..

I'm not sure there is anything like these out there at the moment but I'm going to grab some guitar strings, some green stuff and see what I can do..

Friday, August 10, 2012

Iron Angel Lists

Finally after looking at tournament specifications for 6th edition 40k I've created some starting lists for my Iron Angels. These are not competitive, but then again they might not be fun for certain opponents either..

In Townsville at the end of October 2012

In Newcastle on the 12th of August (whoops, going to miss it already)

1000 points
1500 points

Total miniature spread falls something like this:
Librarian - emphasis on weapon, hood and shielding (hand raised, staff swung back, off the ground)
Apothecary- power weapon and cup (power cup?)
1 godhammer landraider
1 godhammer landraider using forgeworld prometheus with mark 3 assault ramp
1 godhammer landraider using forgeworld armoured prometheus with mark 3 assault ramp
1 landraider crusader
7 tactical marines
19 assault marines (have 10 mark 6 heads and bodies)
4 sergeants
1 marine with flamer
1 marine with multimelta

So this means I need another list, a
Shopping list..
Gold leaf
Tin/silver leaf
Semigloss "stablizer" or similar
Rust effect paint
Black undercoat
Forgeworld Mark 6 marines x5
Legion of damned set 1
Sanguinary guard
Brightest "silver" and "gold" paints I can get my hands on (I've noticed that my test min is fairly dark and dull)
Tactical and Assault transfers
Small brush, dry brush, large brush
Ghin plastic card
Rectangular cross section plastic rod (for assault ramp)
Forge world landraider doors (blood angel cup for apothecary vehicle, and grey knight doors with book)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Iron Angels

I've seen some interesting decor/art that involves steam punk models and it makes me think the vehicles from this list could be put on plinths and displayed in a more accessible position than the back of a cupboard. (like on a coffee table)

This list consists of Blood Angels Assault troops without jump packs in land raiders. It is bolstered and led by a Librarian with shielding.

The troops and vehicles are a base colour of black, as iron, with shiny silvered  wear areas and rusty recesses. The idea is not to make them "realistic" but rather to make use of the three colours- silver, black and orange in a semi-natural dissipation. Some of the "special" items will be gold, like the helmets of sergeants, bodies of characters.

I'm also going to have a bit a of a play with the miniatures. More kit-bashing than modification or scratch building.

I'll need to add some art here..

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

World Eaters

Army Lists

This a bit of a test to see how well the different parts of google integrate...

Extended Version of army list, CSM part

Allied Khorne Daemons

Those two would create a 2000pt army. Minimum field is 1500. Should grind up a 1750 as well, have all 33 lists ready to drop.
What is the current state of that army?



Hq- Kharn, Blood thirster (both might need a bit of a paint touchup)

Troops- all units ready to rumble. (Skulltakers, Neo-sanguine, Steelbiters, Ravagers), Bloodletters sorted

Heavy- Possessed Vindicator

In need of Paint

Elite- Dreadnought

In Need of Conversion

Heavy- Vindicator, needs more Khorne-plates etc and then painting

Need to Buy

Elite- Another Dreadnought (excuse to get forgeworld world eater specific one)
Forgeworld World Eater Dreadnought

Heavy- Another Vindicator

Tempted to Get

Plastic Blood letters to make them more standardised
Another Vindicator, at least the cannon and dozer- it kicks over the old one
A converted unit of beserkers to use my favourite heads.. Replace the neo-sanguine with mutant legionaires

Next update to post I'll stick photos of said units in. Interesting that the first unit that I get the urge to tinker with is my original favorite.

I don't think I'll buy the "tempted" stuff until I've run this a few times.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Armies part 1

Space-borne, Space Marines

The idea is to represent the planetary landing force. Although there would have to be some serious fluff amendments, I'm going to run a combined Carachardon//Lamenters force. ie a space marine // blood angels force with an eye to space combat, and close combat.

Drop pods
Land Speeder Storms
Jump pack troops
a Storm raven

The colours are interesting- Lamenters are somewhat knight-like, pennants, heraldry etc and a somewhat chivalrous history. And based on mustard yellow.
The carachardons are shark coloured, greys etc and have polynesian tattoo style markings

Minimum cost is not cheap- 3 drop pods with tacticals, scout squad, land speeder storm : 930pts without gear, on the blood angels side- jump pack assault squad and stormraven with hq is at least 400pts

Ork Space Pirates, Mob of Flash Gits

The orginal idea here was to make use of the large number of orks I have and also make use of minis used in dark heresy roleplay. I also have grown meme-fond of the Ork-Pirate in a tricorne...

Flash Gits: as many as feasible, one unit tricked out with Captain Badrukk and a pain boy
Nob and Mega Nob unit with warbosses making scoring units
some bombers - maybe one of each, emphasis on bombs not shooting
extra boys for more scoring and general body soak, emphasis on rokkits

Eldar Exodites, Space Elves on Dinosaurs

This is a grey knights "counts as" army. Why? you ask- because each model in the army is an individual and I need some scoring and the base sizes for the paladins are just big enough..

Draigo- (Prince on Carnosaur with shimmersheild)
Veteran Dreadnoughts (Warwalkers re-configured+beefed up as Eldar Knights from old epic)
Paladins (Dire avengers on Cold Ones)
Dreadknights (1 or more eldar lords on large dinosaur back)
Minimum flavour- 690pts

Iron Angels, Ultra Heavy Armoured Company Blood Angels

Long ago I had this crazy idea of a Landraider mounted company of marines. Now realistically the points in all those landraiders is rather wasted. But what if you went with that? And if the radius of librarian powers when they are transported are from the vehicle..then shield of sanguinus makes a force of up to 5 landraiders hard as nails..

BA Assault Squad, minus pump packs, plus Land raider x?
Minimum flavour- 730pts

Harlequins, lots of harlequins

One way of getting more than 30 harlequins (i have 63 models accumulated over the years) on the field would be to ally eldar and dark eldar
Minimum cost for the bare dark eldar and 30 harlequins is 890
Farseer, rangers (mimes) and 10 more harlequins is 440

Giger, Tyranid Hive Fleet

Being a Aliens fan and liking melee I'm looking at a tyranid army. I have a few of the models, very few converted however.

Tervigon- alien egg laying Queen
Genestealers with broodlord- alien warriors
Ripperswarms- face huggers and little aliens
Termagants- smaller aliens (from birthing queen and as a unit)

I'm also thinking Deathleaper and Parasite of Mortrex for the psychological warfare aspect I think a aliens giger army should have.

Blood for the Blood God

Once my central force, now mostly ignored. Under the new edition I'm tempted to give it another run. Tactically, the idea here is to have hard melee capable units as scoring and force board position using the other parts of the army. Allied Chaos Daemons with Chaos Space marines

Kharn- if you are going to declare for the Blood God, why not?
Bloodthirster- Allied
Melee only Dreadnought- maybe more than 1
Khorne beserkers in 8 man squads- more than 2 of these, half with power fists, half with a melta-bomb and power sword, a plasma pistol or 2 per unit, maybe personal icons on half the units
Bloodletters- Allied, probably only 1
Vindicators, one possessed (use Cannon of Khorne model)

I think that should do. 2 space marine armies, 2 eldar armies, tyranids, orks and chaos. Although I might buy some Tau, Necron and Greyknights as one offs (and give painted as Christmas presents). I have Sisters of Battle but the current Codex is.. yesh. I have assassins and arcoflaggellents, seraphim and sisters squads but no incentive to field them. I also have a 30 strong terminator strike force which would be fielded as Dark Angels but that seems to be flavor of the month, so.. no. I'd also like to add my deathwatch killteam/ sternguard to something. Maybe leave these guys as allies to be tacked onto armies.

It also strikes me that I should add some artwork and links to PDf army lists.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


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