Friday, August 10, 2012

Iron Angel Lists

Finally after looking at tournament specifications for 6th edition 40k I've created some starting lists for my Iron Angels. These are not competitive, but then again they might not be fun for certain opponents either..

In Townsville at the end of October 2012

In Newcastle on the 12th of August (whoops, going to miss it already)

1000 points
1500 points

Total miniature spread falls something like this:
Librarian - emphasis on weapon, hood and shielding (hand raised, staff swung back, off the ground)
Apothecary- power weapon and cup (power cup?)
1 godhammer landraider
1 godhammer landraider using forgeworld prometheus with mark 3 assault ramp
1 godhammer landraider using forgeworld armoured prometheus with mark 3 assault ramp
1 landraider crusader
7 tactical marines
19 assault marines (have 10 mark 6 heads and bodies)
4 sergeants
1 marine with flamer
1 marine with multimelta

So this means I need another list, a
Shopping list..
Gold leaf
Tin/silver leaf
Semigloss "stablizer" or similar
Rust effect paint
Black undercoat
Forgeworld Mark 6 marines x5
Legion of damned set 1
Sanguinary guard
Brightest "silver" and "gold" paints I can get my hands on (I've noticed that my test min is fairly dark and dull)
Tactical and Assault transfers
Small brush, dry brush, large brush
Ghin plastic card
Rectangular cross section plastic rod (for assault ramp)
Forge world landraider doors (blood angel cup for apothecary vehicle, and grey knight doors with book)

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