Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back to 40k

So I'm in the new house, haven't got the computers setup completely but I do have a painting area. I bought the 6th edition - dark vengeance box set- let me throw a call off support to "War Puppy" my purveyors of plastic-dudes-men-crack.

I dragged some of the minis out, mostly to practice before working on the exquisite new models and in an effort to get an army ready for Queensland Gamers Guild in October I set to painting.

My army lists
1500 World Eaters

The following are some "before" shots of what I have to play with.
A lot of the work is done, for table-top quality, but some need a fair bit and one squad is just undercoat.

 Kharn, some say a bit h'armless

really dusty and dull

I have always liked the World Eater Legionaire rather than the "ravager" concept. The last squad, which needs the most work , is going to have some conversion done on it. Or I might just get them table ready and start work on some new models. The source or my muse is these pictures..

I'm not sure there is anything like these out there at the moment but I'm going to grab some guitar strings, some green stuff and see what I can do..

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