Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Iron Angels

I've seen some interesting decor/art that involves steam punk models and it makes me think the vehicles from this list could be put on plinths and displayed in a more accessible position than the back of a cupboard. (like on a coffee table)

This list consists of Blood Angels Assault troops without jump packs in land raiders. It is bolstered and led by a Librarian with shielding.

The troops and vehicles are a base colour of black, as iron, with shiny silvered  wear areas and rusty recesses. The idea is not to make them "realistic" but rather to make use of the three colours- silver, black and orange in a semi-natural dissipation. Some of the "special" items will be gold, like the helmets of sergeants, bodies of characters.

I'm also going to have a bit a of a play with the miniatures. More kit-bashing than modification or scratch building.

I'll need to add some art here..

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