Tuesday, July 24, 2012

World Eaters

Army Lists

This a bit of a test to see how well the different parts of google integrate...

Extended Version of army list, CSM part

Allied Khorne Daemons

Those two would create a 2000pt army. Minimum field is 1500. Should grind up a 1750 as well, have all 33 lists ready to drop.
What is the current state of that army?



Hq- Kharn, Blood thirster (both might need a bit of a paint touchup)

Troops- all units ready to rumble. (Skulltakers, Neo-sanguine, Steelbiters, Ravagers), Bloodletters sorted

Heavy- Possessed Vindicator

In need of Paint

Elite- Dreadnought

In Need of Conversion

Heavy- Vindicator, needs more Khorne-plates etc and then painting

Need to Buy

Elite- Another Dreadnought (excuse to get forgeworld world eater specific one)
Forgeworld World Eater Dreadnought

Heavy- Another Vindicator

Tempted to Get

Plastic Blood letters to make them more standardised
Another Vindicator, at least the cannon and dozer- it kicks over the old one
A converted unit of beserkers to use my favourite heads.. Replace the neo-sanguine with mutant legionaires

Next update to post I'll stick photos of said units in. Interesting that the first unit that I get the urge to tinker with is my original favorite.

I don't think I'll buy the "tempted" stuff until I've run this a few times.

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