Monday, July 22, 2013

Eight Armies to Go

This blog is about my Warhammer 40k games and armies. This primary post will always detail what I am working on.

Currently, 750 point armies.....

So what I have here is eight 750 point Warhammer 40k armies.
The miniatures are assembled and mostly painted.
There is a very wide range of armour values here but a tendency towards melee. What is missing is a true horde army and a heavy mechanised approach, which tend to be a bit rock-paper-scissors, and will be in a following post.
These armies are designed to be sub-competitive, purely flavour or fluff orientated. Under some circumstances they may pull off a win but they are quite limited and each is tactically one dimensional.

Codex: Space Marines Roster - Carcharodons

Codex: Chaos Space Marines Roster - Cultists and Daemon-Engines

Codex: Dark Angels Roster - Dark Angel Gunline

Codex: Dark Angels Roster - Deathwing

Tyranids Roster - Genestealers

Codex: Eldar Roster - Harlequin Troupe

Chaos Daemons Roster - Mark of Khorne

Codex: Chaos Space Marines Roster - Panoply of Chaos

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