Thursday, October 30, 2014

Missing the Point, and right

This article from the ABC points out a few things.

That Brand is suggesting current parties are rubbish, sure, but the article then suggests that things such as a price on carbon, free education, decent health care are things only attainable by progressive parties acting within the existing framework. That is so blinkered it misses the point.

The existing framework is failing to deliver those things. The current binary system (two party politics) can't get past it's baggage and loyalty to wealth to actually achieve anything that benefits the majority. And- this is the point where I get interested, we have the capacity to decide, using technology, how we will act on ANY given issue.

There is nothing stopping us from voting on every bill individually. Nothing except those in power wanting to stay there, apathy and a sort of self condescension. The assumption that the average person is not capable of making a decent decision.

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