Monday, October 5, 2015

Notes on a Rogue Planet

Initial impressions here to sort and record them.

Linear terrain should be something you can fight through or over. Pipe, wire fence, shack wall.

Board should consist of a network of patches of terrain, probably 3 or 4 deep in any axis.

Must target closest unit for charge or shooting. I get why you do that from an " introduce tactics " point of view, not sure about it as a game mechanic. I would just apply a penalty to hit if it's not the closest.

Ok, despite the advert there is book-keeping (action points, energy) and measuring (FX). But not much.

Collisions was a bit, cumbersome. A 3 way example would have been good.


  1. Hiya Ash,

    Good idea for note recording.

    A couple observations:
    - Linear Terrain, you can fight over it. In fact if you move to a wall and an enemy is on the other side you are in base to base and can initiate combat.

    -Charging the Closest, I can only see this is a way to balance unlimited movement.

    - I believe terrain placement will be integral to the game experience, just like Infinity.


  2. Thinking more on the shooting and charging the closest unit, I think it fits in with that the designer was looking for, and that was maneuverability. I believe he has said somewhere he wanted units to move around and position themselves, maybe the closest unit rules are there to support that.

    Yeah Minimal bookkeeping. Collisions add a nice element of gameplay but it remains to be seen how it flows.

    I like the idea of being able to activate dangerous terrain as a reaction, and attack you opponent with scenery/ terrain.