Friday, June 24, 2016

Act 1

Amongst the scoured ruins of the Hive Primaris the acolytes find more than one foe. It appears mechanicus, xenos and a strange syndicate are involved in the disruption in this sector.

A pile of documents is dumped unceremoniously on the acolytes. Attempt to decipher the material- that appears out of thin air, causes the party mechanicus to seize up. Later it is discovered he has recorded hundreds of years of data, all of the same instant. The mechanicus pleads guilty to manipulating time and requests the Inquisition stop him as temporal paradoxes have rendered him incapable to stopping a apocalypse of his own creation.

The recovered "viewing device" is employed to hunt the green mist, with the help of the astral choir of the "Relentless Valour", several are destroyed, one remaining is unable to be located. These space travelling psychic vampires are later grouped with the "Cryptos", a rare threat, not often seen at population centres. Files made available

It was identified that the Amaranthine syndicate was moving dark-tech off world. One shipment was

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