Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Two groups of Acolytes, One World,

On the world of Illias two teams of acolytes with widely differing composition are sent by Inquisitor to investigate the death of previous Inquisitorial forces.
They discover not a thriving hive of 400 billion but decay and loss. But what is it's source?

The teams investigated the Arbites Bastion and the port. They identified that some strange green mist had been present in footage of some of the Arbites.

Alien tech was found imbedded in some of the servitors in the bastion. For the purposes of identification this technology group- manufactured by humans but using some xeno-source will be referred to as "xeno-meta1"

Amaranthine syndicate troops (ref Furry Hat Dudes) were seen overwatching the Bastion. "xeno-meta1" devices for stealth and covert operation were located.

Large swathes of the Hives were found to "under-producing". Physical observation of these areas revealed a large area of vapourised hive with a ring of small "xeno-meta1" devices around it and Furry Hat Dudes on the perimeter attempted to terminate the imperial agents.

The Imperial device used to observe this green mist had been lost when an earlier inquisitorial team disappeared in the "pre-human" ruins on top of which the Primary Hive was built. A team was sent to retrieve it.

Whilst recovering this device the team encountered two Alpha class psykers, a coterie of sub-humans and a third being, possibly a xeno in human skin. (ref Edgar suit)

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