Monday, June 27, 2016

Rogue Planet: Gamey Thansqueek

Out of the darkness a pair of red eyes gleamed, a silhouette of a short wiry skaven body, pale snout and foot long whiskers occasionally in view. His small rodent frame squeezed between building drywalls, going where most could not.

The young grey seer (28- grey seers live longer than other skaven for a range of reasons) peeked out at the Dark District. Involved in clan Pestilens and Skyre crafting and favouring hiring clan Eshin troops, Thansqueek's mind tumbled with possibilities. "Mine, Mine, mine, mine" he excitedly squeaked. Now, to find some warpstone and bring about the crashing doom of all flesh-things.

Admiring of clan eshin, his pack mother being a gutter-runner, Thansqueek is vicious with a blade in close. (he adds +1 to all CQ tests until his personal energy pool runs out, or team energy when there is no personal pool being used)

His theft of warpstone from witless humans and construction of gothic arcane devices for ratkin in has amassed him the wealth of a Stormvermin's Tribute. He shows a ruthless aggressiveness referred to by the vermin-tide as "gamey"- which is as about as respectful as skaven can be of bravery. The skaven equate brave with stupid.

Thanqueek favours high quality Eshin troops such as Deathmasters, any scummy clan rats to fire his warpstone weapons and dreams of a Screaming Bell induced Ratocalypse

An Empty Purse
Empty Purse
A Beggars Bowl
Skavenslaves’ Bowl
A Thief’s Horde
Clanrat’s Horde
A Knight’s Tribute
Stormvermin’s Tribute
A Baron’s Purse
Packmaster’s Purse
A Graff’s Riches
Chieftains’ Riches
A Prince’s Chest
Warlord’s Chest
A Grand Magister’s Treasury
Arch-Lord’s Treasury
An Elector Count’s Coffers
Lord of Decay’s Coffers
An Emperor’s Ransom
The Horned One’s Ransom
The Riches of the Empire
The Riches of the Under-Empire