Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Character Details

A post to describe where the characters came from, what their motivations are

Head Acolyte Chewie
Born on a feudal ice world, raised in a village, scarred by a pyro-kinetict un-fettered un-sanctioned psyker who wiped out his village. Gathered up survivors and led them on a posse to hunt down the miscreant, stoning it to death, 'cause it wouldn't burn.
Has a knack for finding warp-tainted spell-using sorcerer types and having them lynched. Seems like he won't run out of psykers to hunt.

Noble of a Rogue Trader house, 3 in line but viewed by her family as breeding stock she rebelled and struck out on her own to explore her family's haunted (bloody?) past. Perhaps cast herself as a new type of scion of the house, although fraud and deception do come naturally to her.

The Jaw
Jaded Arbitrator Judge, he has moved from being a pawn and dupe to being his own agent of the Imperial Creed. Possessed by aliens, deceived by colleagues he wants to redeem himself, make a name as a voice in the darkness.

Sister Saphic Soriatas
Exposed to the destruction of a void-vessel as a child, she shelters in the Emperor's nimbus. Although orignally a medic, she is developing the tools of faith whilst trying to hunt down the fiends that destroyed her home and childhood.

Enamoured by the purity of the machine and repulsed by the weakness of the flesh, Ghent is exploring the edges of complete mechanical transfer. He also is a bit of a menagarist, picking up relationships with pet machines.

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